LEAN Career Design Canvas

The LEAN Career Design Canvas helps students not only collect the dots of life (experiences in school and community), but also ignites a process to connect the dots of their experiences. The Canvas process invites learners to identify and reflect on experiences to learn the importance of asking ‘why’ in all they do and create. With a supportive career coach, a user engages a unique big-picture design process to identify recurring themes, patterns, and possibilities of a life in progress.

The Canvas may be used in a variety of contexts:

1. Career courses

2. Subject area courses with career units (English, Math, Science, Physical Education, etc.)

3. Special projects or initiatives with career focus (LRSD Skills Credential)

4. One-on-one career coaching between a student and a career coach


13 Box PDF (Gr.9 and 10)

This version emphasizes tapping into personal curiosities to stimulate career awareness and exploration

13 Box PDF (Gr. 11 and 12)

This version is a shorter version than the 16-Box version. It excludes the boxes, “Mission Statement”, “Documents” (résumé and cover letter), and “Risks”

16 Box PDF (Gr.11 and 12)

This longer version includes the boxes, “Mission Statement”, “Documents” (résumé and cover letter), and “Risks”

Using the Canvas

The Problem (box 1)

Online Assessments (box 2)

Mirror Images and UVP (boxes 3, 4)

Personal Symbol and Personal Slogan (boxes 5, 6)

Spaces and Interests (boxes 7, 8)

Way Back When, Experiences and Skills, and Network (boxes 9, 10, 11)

Reframing the Problems and Action Path (boxes 12 and 13)